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    Common Problem of Canon Camera

  • With the varying of time problem may occur, that does not have any result in wrong messages or for other it is easy to follow clues as for the problem, use the tips given below to prove yourself better in canon camera troubleshooting techniques.

    1. Why the camera is not turning on?

    Because of the number of reasons it is possible that camera will not turn on like due to battery discharge or the battery is not inserted properly or many other reasons, we will see one by one.

    First, you have to be sure about the battery, is that battery charged or not, or it is inserted properly or not. It might be possible that the battery wasn’t inserted properly or the charger or the charger wasn’t inserted into an outlet properly, it means that the battery did not get charged. Your metal terminal on the battery must be clean. To remove grime from the contact points you have to use dry clothes. You must have to check the battery compartment door if the door is not securely closed, then the camera is not on.

    2. Why the lens is not retracing fully?

    Sometimes it happens that while operating camera your battery compartment cover is inadvertently opened. Close the cover of the battery compartment securely, now turn your camera either off or on, and lens will be retracted. You may clean the housing by a dry cloth, only when the lens is fully extended.

    It might possible that your lens could be damaged and your camera may need to be repaired.

    3. Why the LCD is not displaying image?

    Canon Power Shot has DISP button which is used for turning LCD on or off. To turn the LCD press the DISP button. This is common when the power shot camera has the viewfinder option, which is used for framing the photos.

    The live screen might be active for the electronic Viewfinder, DISP pressing can button the switch for the live screen back to the LCD screen.

    4. Flickering of LCD screen.

    It might be possible that the LCD screen may flicker because of the holding the camera near the fluorescent light. Try to move your camera from the fluorescent light, sometimes it happens that LCD appear to flicker because of the attempting to view a scene in very low light, you need to repair your LCD screen when it shows flicker in all type of the shooting situation.

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    Canon Customer Support

    For any other issues and its fix contact us at Canon Support Number.


    If you have any problem related to printer support then visit this Canon Printer Customer Service Center.

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  • Dell Support

    What to do if your Dell laptop is plugged in but not charging?

    When you plug in your laptop device, you find greeted with a cheerful chirp from your PC and a display that beams a bit more brightly. Sometimes it happens that you connect the AC adapter because the battery is near to drained and you get nothing. No glowing lights, no brightened display, and no battery charging. It makes a query that what went wrong, why is it not working and what should be done to get rid of these problems?

    To recharge a laptop is quite simple. You plug in and it works. If not, some are easy to fix it yourself with a software tweak or by replaced by the new battery but some problems really require to repair at the shop or guidance tips from experts. You can also get it here-Dell customer support. Now it's time to go for troubleshooting-

    Are you plugged in?


    It sounds some silly and weird, but you first need to check whether your laptop is plugged or not. If your laptop is disconnected then not any kind of software tweak or hardware repair can make it magically power on. So before doing anything, make it be sure.


    Lose the battery?


    To check the integrity of the battery the simple way is to remove the battery entirely and plugging it again in the laptop. If it powers on properly, the problem is all gone.


    Make sure you are using the right USB-C port.


    USB-C is best for charging, peripherals and also for data transfer. The new one allows you for thinner devices but also may cause some confusion. Some have chosen it to make USB-C ports for data only. If you are about to run into a non-charging issue, be sure you are connected to the right USB-C port.


    Check the connector.


    The connection should be fairly solid when you plug in the laptop’s power connection. If it suddenly loses or receiving the socket gives when it should stay firm, it might happen that the power jack may have broken inside the chassis. If it seems to be any kind of danger or damage to the power connector, kindly go for the repairing.


    Beat the heat


    Sometimes, an overheating laptop can be the cause of a non-charging battery. The system needs to be shut down to prevent the overheating a battery and cause a fire. As the temperature rises, the battery sensor these the system that the battery is either fully charged or missing completely cause of charging problems.


    Check for the settings


    In control panel, open the power options. There is a plan set and check that all are properly set or not. Also look for incorrect settings for the battery, display, sleep options. It happens when the battery level goes too low if you set the computer to shut down.

    If you are also tired off with the battery issues in your Dell laptop, you can visit this site for more troubleshooting tips- https://dellcustomerservices.net/dell-battery-problems-resolved/

  • Norton Support

    Fixes to Norton antivirus errors on windows 10

    I am here recommending to use this tool for various PC problems. This tool repairs common computer errors, protect the file loss, hardware failure, malware and also optimize the computer system for maximum and efficient performance.

    To fix the problems quickly you can do-

    1.    Download reimage plus. 
    2.    Now click start scan so that you can find windows issue that might be main causes of pc problems. 
    3.   To fix all the issues click repair all. 

    Norton antivirus is perfectly compatible and comfortable with windows 10 which was released on July 20, 2015. It does not support windows 10 builds, but when you run it on windows 10 you should not encounter any kind of errors and bugs. But problems might be like-

      You can upgrade to windows 10, but can’t find Norton.

    1.       Download fix tool.

    2.       Right clicking the exe.file and then select the run as administrator.

    3.       A window will appear that will inform you an updated version of Norton antivirus which is about to be installed.

    4.       Follow the on screen instruction after clicking next.


      You can upgrade to windows 10, but Norton won’t launch.

    1.       Download Norton removes and reinstall and if you have already Norton family, immediately uninstall the programs before downloading the tools.

    2.       Accept the license terms.

    3.       Click remove and reinstall and select continue.

    4.       Restart now to finish the uninstall processes.

    5.       After the restart follows on-screen instructions to reinstall it again on your device.


      Kept on displaying the message- install updated version of Norton product for windows 10.

    1.       For it also downloads Norton fix tool.

    2.       Download Norton removes and reinstall tool and follow the provided steps.


      Error- 8504, 104

    1.       The tool Norton removes and reinstall should be used to run it to remove Norton.

    2.       Also, uninstall on-Symantec security tools.

    3.       Update the video graphics drivers.


      Error- 3048,3

    1.       Launch Norton.

    2.       Now go to security in the system.

    3.       After finished update, click ok.

    4.       Until the message appears your Norton product has the current protection updates, run LiveUpdate.

    5.       Restart the computer.


      Error- 8506,421 and 3039, 65559

    1.       Simply restart the system.

    2.       Now run the Norton remove and reinstall tool and also follow the on screen indications to clear out the antivirus and install it again.

    3.       If this does not work, download and run Norton power eraser.


    Still, more problems are arising in your Norton software, you can visit https://nortoncustomerservice.net/norton-customer-support/ the site for more support link or contact our tech Experts at Norton Support Number.